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Sacred Union Reserved for 

Miss Emily Michelle Welborn

& Garnet Lee Calloway


October 28 | 2023

Riverside Farm Venue

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​Where love, laughter and the best of times grow...

                                                  With Noa's Bridal & Friends...

Riverside Farm is designed with the ceremonial wedding in mind. The packages and other opportunities are relentless to ensure the happy couple are met with whimsy, rustic, eco-friendly, traditional or non-traditional options. Our region is the foothills of North Carolina nestled in Tobaccoville which is a quaint little village with historical significance. Small portions of the village limits extend north into Stokes County. The village is 15 miles northwest of downtown Winston-Salem offering your guests plenty to explore. 

Riverside Farm Venue holds thousands of guests so either intimate or immense there is a corner for your party to migrate and experience a cordial environment. Will you choose to say, "I do", by the silo overlooking the mountain, near our taproom for more entertainment, alongside the effervescing riverside, comforted in the tobacco parlor or on an open countryside bridge complete with a fountain backdrop? What's more is our Infinity Botanical Garden which is intended to draw you and your guest back to our magical location milestone after milestone emotionally supporting your life together as an opportunity to reflect on your sacred moment. 

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